Don't Let Roof Damage Prolong the Home Buying Process

We offer quick turnaround times on roof certifications in Strasburg, Parker, Centennial, Littleton, CO and the greater Denver metro area

You're eager to get your house on the market - but there's a problem. Your home inspection didn't go as planned, and you need to get a roof certification. If you're selling a home in Parker, Centennial, Littleton, Denver or Strasburg, CO, you can get a fast roof certification from Colorado Cabinetry & Roofing.

We offer 3- to 5-year certifications, depending on your specific situation. If you need a roof certification, contact us today so you can move forward with selling your home.

If your roof doesn't pass inspection, we can fix it

If your roof doesn't pass inspection, we can fix it

It's normal for your roof to show some wear and tear. If you're dealing with minor roof damage, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get a roof certification. However, if we do come across bigger issues with your roof, we'll give you an estimate for the repair or replacement cost.

No matter the condition of your roof, we can fix it up and provide you with a certification. To schedule a visit from our roofing contractor, call 720-878-1813 now.